Easy to set

☛A safe and humane way to deal with unwanted house guests!

VENSMILE live mouse traps are a great alternative for snap traps or pesticides, allowing you to capture mice without killing them. Its plastic
construction is easy to clean and fully reusable too. This humane poison-free solution is also perfectly safe to use around children and pets

How to catch a mouse?

1)Place the bait (The recommended bait for this trap is Peanut butter / chocolate) in a small compartment on one end, with open holes facing towards 
the inside of the trap. This lures the mouse inside, where the smell is coming from;
2)Open the gate on the another end, when mouse moving to the oppiste end to access the bait, the mouse´s weight moves to the far side of the 
fulcrum and triggers the trap, the gate closes;
3)Once you have the mouse captured, you can take the entire trap outdoors and lift the food compartment to open the trap. Then the mouse will run out; 
4)Check the trap frequently as these mice can dehydrate of suffocate to death if left in the trap for a few days.

Product Details:

Model: AR04


UPC: 600740704635

Material: See-through Khaki plastic
Product Dimensions (L*W*H): 6.69″ ✽2.44″ ✽2.56″ (17cm ✽6.2cm ✽6.5cm)
Product door Dimensions(W*H): 2.05″✽2.17″ ( 5.2cm✽5.5cm)